How To List A Business Service

In this time of crisis and self isolation local residents desperately need home deliveries of meals, groceries and other essential items, so we have set up ZipRound to help residents and local businesses connect with each other.

We would like to invite you to list your business and the meals and food boxes that you can deliver on ZipRound today so you can start taking orders and delivering to local residents.

It’s completely free to add your business and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Please click the ‘Get word around your town’ link to find out how to let local residents know about the service.

The Step by step guide:

Create an account

  1. Click here to open an account:
  2. Click confirmation link in your email

List your service

  1. Click the Post a new listing button in the top right of the screen
  2. Select the town in which you can help. (to help in more than one town you will need to post more than one listing).
  3. If you’re town is not listed please read ‘Add your town
  4. Select the listing type : ‘Order food boxes online’
  5. Fill in the listing details
  6. Add a description the options you can offer – you can add a link to your website if you have an ordering system there.
  7. Add the location of where you can deliver to e.g. your postcode
  8. Please add a photo of the service you can provide

Complete your listings details

  1. Go to your account and click Profile info
  2. In the Display Name field add your name
  3. In Location field add your postcode (add a space in the middle)
  4. Please upload a photo of yourself so customers know who to expect


Unfortunately we are not able to offer an online payment system at this time. If you are set up with an online ordering system you may link to this. Otherwise please request payment using safer types of payment methods such as Paypal.

Paypal offers a service called, this allows you to request payments via a simple link. All your customer has to do is click your link and make payment using their PayPal account.

  1. Go to to set up your payment link that people can use to pay you for groceries you buy for them e.g.
  2. Then if your food box is £10.75, simply add /10.75 to the end of the link and send this to your customer. It will look like this as an example: