How To Volunteer

Join ZipRound as a local volunteer for your community and post a listing for type of help you can offer, for example grocery and pharmacy shop, dog-walking, a quick chat on the phone. 

Customers will send you a message with what they need. Confirm receipt of the request and communicate with them safely using the online message system on ZipRound.

If you are shopping on behalf of the customer, you do the shop using your own money and ask the customer to pay you back. 

Please choose safer payment methods such as Paypal. We recommend you agree the payment method before hand and then ask for payment on delivery.

Volunteers can setup a free link so they can receive payment instantly from customers. (Scroll down to the step-by-step guide below for more information). With payment received you can leave the delivery with the customer.

Please be careful to use a no-touch process when delivering.

The Step by step guide:

Join ZipRound

  1. Click here to sign up for an account:
  2. Click the confirmation link in your email

Post A Listing

  1. Click the Post a new listing button in the top right of the screen
  2. Select the town in which you can help. (to help in more than one town you will need to post more than one listing).
  3. If you’re town is not listed please read ‘Add your town
  4. Select a Listing type. 
    1. Volunteer help – for things like dog-walking.
    2. Volunteer shopping – for things like grocery or pharmacy shop.
  5. Enter a Listing Title: e.g. John’s Essential’s Quick Shop
  6. Add a description of what you’d be happy to offer
  7. Add the location of where you can deliver to e.g. the postcode where you live
  8. Please add a photo of the service you can provide e.g. a shopping bag

Update your profile information

  1. Go to your account and click Profile info
  2. In the Display Name field add your name
  3. In Location field add your postcode (add a space in the middle)
  4. Please upload a photo of yourself so recipients know who to expect their door

Getting requests

  1. Customers will send you an email with their request. For example: A small shopping list of items to get for them and their address to deliver them to.
  2. Please make sure to confirm receipt of their request using the online message system on ZipRound.
  3. Then please buy the items / fulfil the request.

Requesting payment from a customer

Helping local residents on ZipRound is done on a volunteer basis so there is no payment for helping. This section is about requesting payment for goods you have bought on their behalf.

Please choose safer payment methods such as Paypal. We recommend you agree the payment method before hand and then ask for payment on delivery.

Paypal offers a service called, this allows you to request payments via a simple link. Once you’ve bought the items requested by a customer, you would simply send them a message with your payment link in. All your customer has to do is click your link and make payment using their PayPal account.

  1. Go to to set up your payment link that people can use to pay you for groceries you buy for them e.g.
  2. Then if your shopping comes to £10.75, simply add /10.75 to the end of the link and send this to your customer. It will look like this as an example:

Make sure you turn on notifications from customers

It’s important that you receive notifications of when Residents send you message asking for help. Make sure you are receiving these notifications.

  1. Go to your account
  2. Select Notifications
  3. Under the  ‘I want to get an email notification when’ section make sure “someone sends me a message” is checked